Born in Hong Kong, Connie Tsang developed an early attraction to antique Chinese furniture. Her passion for beautiful wood furniture led her professionally into the Chinese antique furniture business where she worked for 12 years with China Art, one of the best known and respected antique furniture shops in Hong Kong.

During these years in Hong Kong and on the mainland she represented dealers and collectors, identifying and recruiting the most skilled and respected conservationists. She often found these stellar artisans attached to furniture workshops. Her years of exposure to the full range of techniques and materials employed in these workshops resulted in her developing a keen and experienced eye for identifying restorations, restoration hybrids and authentic pieces, a unique skill which continues to be valuable to her clients and collectors alike.

Her decades-long, hands-on experience in polishing, restoring and conservation have nurtured a deep understanding of the properties of wood, furniture construction and finishing. Additionally during this period, she has developed a curator's knowledge and expert eye for ceramics and fine art objects.

In 2001, her passion for the Chinese antique led her to New York City where she joined WaterMoon Gallery, one of the few galleries in New York City specializing in Chinese and Tibetan furniture. At the same time, Ms. Tsang continued with the development of her personal collection. In 2006, to make her offerings more accessible, she launched her own on-line gallery business, and in 2013 she have decided to move the home base back to Hong Kong, and opening a gallery in Sheung Wan, near Hollywood Road.

Gallery is by appointment

Please feel free to call Hong Kong Mobile: 852-5343-7872 

Or email: info@connietsang.com to arrange visiting time.

About the Collection

Ms. Tsang has developed a collection that specializes in small and unique Chinese art objects, with a component of primitive art pieces. She continues her involvement in fine furniture.


Ms. Tsang provides consulting services to assist clients in building an authentic and valuable collection or in purchasing individual items of furniture or art objects at auction or from private owners.

Ms. Tsang, herself, actively seeks to purchase collections or individual pieces. If you are interested in selling, please contact her at email: info@connietsang.com or Call Hong Kong: 852-5343-7872 or New York: 1-347-922-5217